Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jan/Feb 2009

2009 Is in full swing, and so far these last two months have been extremely busy. Jan 2nd I shared an opening with fellow artist and friend Lalo Cota @ Grandiose Boutique in Downtown Phoenix. Also for those who dont know, Myself, Lalo, and many other locals have been working with Culture Fresh Boutique which opened last Oct at the AZ Center, also located Downtown Phx.

Sam Gomez, who is a photographer and co-owner of Culture Fresh, has been working with myself and a couple models, executing a few photoshoots involving my art drawn on the models. So far they have been successful and we plan to keep moving forward with several new ideas and projects.

Ive also had the chance to participate in a video shoot in which my own sister who is a film student, has been sweet enough to film and edit some footage of me painting a wall and a van. The final product will be a short timelapsed film of each piece coming to life.

As if that hasnt been enough for the first couple months of 2009, Ive also had the chance recently to paint live at a couple private parties during the NBA allstar game, one hosted by Too Short and the other by Ice T.

If your in the Phoenix area and would like to see work, please check out Culture Fresh Boutique, or The Lost Leaf located in the Roosevelt Arts District(5th St n Roosevelt), or starting next Friday at the Tempe Pita Jungle. You can also email me or check back for more updates.

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