Tuesday, September 8, 2009

End of Summer/ I am art projects(photos)

Its been a long, warm summer as usual. I havent had much time to update in the last couple months so here it goes. It was usual business for the month of June. July started with a really dope trip up to Gallup, New Mexico and Window Rock, Az. I participated in the "I AM ART" project along side with other creative peoples who were there to make a difference in young peoples lives. I cant truly explain the feeling or how great the energy was the entire trip. I got to share knowledge about art with young kids, help paint a community mural, have an art show in Gallup...and even got to paint with longtime friend Page who happend to be in NM at the same time. Many thanks to FOF crew, Cloudface, R.Boogie, DEF-RARE(Wake n Def-I), Dj YoungNative, Kim Smith, Kelly Hubbell, Abnr, Roel, Duga, Bboy Hobbess, Marcus Lovato and many others.

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