Monday, March 12, 2012

Community mural project Roosevelt Row

Photos from a community organized mural project on Roosevelt and 2nd St. in Phoenix. This empty lot is just across the street from Carly's Bistro and is being utilized temporarily by community organizers and artists as creative public space. A mural project was the first step in many transformations to come for this and other empty lots in the area.
The wall was broken up into sections and designed by 6 different artists.
Artists include myself, Lalo Cota, Angel Diaz, Colton Brock, Hugo Medina, and Gennaro Garcia.
Over the two days of painting we had between 2 and 3 dozen people come out and participate.

Lalo Cota

Thomas Breeze Marcus

Colton Brock

Hugo Medina and kids

Gennaro Garcia

Angel Diaz

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  1. Beautiful effort. I can't wait to get over there myself.