Sunday, April 8, 2012

Breeze linework art shoot 2012

Here are a couple shots I took from offline. Photographer Sam Gomez set up a shoot with singer Venessa Mendez from the local band Hot Birds and the chili sauce. Venessa I believe co directed and included her friend Kari into the shoot as well.

There is no denying that these two beautiful ladies look and work well together. Sam captured some great shots as well. I will always have an appreciation for diversity and beauty in cultural tattoos such as the Maori people of New Zealand,certain African tribes, and the infamous Japanese Yakuza tattoo work. I know people's opinion on body art photo shoots vary, but I am happy to express temporary inspired work that may have a slight resemblance to real tattoo work from around the world.

Hopefully I will get a couple more photos from the shoot in the near future and post them.

Photography by: Sam Gomez
Direction and Co direction by: Sam Gomez and Venessa Mendez
Models: Venessa Mendez and Kari
Art by: Breeze

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