Sunday, April 22, 2012

16th St and Cambridge

New mural on 16th St and Cambridge in Phoenix. This was a large collaboration between myself, Ishmael Duenas, Angel Diaz, Lalo Cota, Pablo Luna, Sean Griffin (Griffin One), and Jetsonorama(Chip Thomas. Thanks to the Calle 16 organization for sponsoring the project, most of which was painted during the 3rd weekend in March known as Art Detour. There are some small parts that remain unfinished but hopefully they will get done soon. Manny, who owns the house and this wall, asked specifically to have a photo of his two daughters wheat pasted on. Jetsonorama AKA Chip Thomas volunteered to do the paste and was the last addition to the mural recently.
Sunset painted by me.
faces by Angel Diaz.
corner view
Buildings by Ishmael Duenas. Sunset painted by me.
Griffin's Celtic Knot.
unfinished mariachis by Pablo Luna
Lalo Cota (unfinished?)
Wheat Paste by Jetsonorama(Chip Thomas)
In progress


  1. Great to see this piece about done. I'll swing by again and take more pics. I was out of town nine days on family business and personal exploration. Family and friends helped me locate several El Mac murals in L.A., plus other's work in Flagstaff, along U.S. 99, and in Auburn, CA.

    See you around.

    1. Nice. Sounds like a good trip. I think Ill be in Flagstaff in a month or so. Plus Chip Thomas is organizing those mural projects up on the Navajo nation this summer. Should be interesting