Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring Beginings

This past month spring has arrived. With the new season, alot of new projects.
I recently linked up with Lady Rise and her son Elezar, and my sister for a day of painting and Filming for the upcoming short promo vid in downtown PHX. It was a good day for networking and sharing ideas. Friend and Photographer Sam Gomez stopped in to shoot, along with my old friend Mando Rascon who randomly stopped by, always to good to see him. Even fellow artist and friend The Mac dropped in and we all shared ideas and frustrations. Its always good to be reminded that we arent alone, and that we are pushing fwd at the same time. Determination.

This coming week is Phoenix's First Friday artwalk, and I will be displaying new works alongside Tato at the new UM Gallery on 5th St just south of Roosevelt. Last months grand opening feat DumperFoo and Chadwick was INSANE. Im sure we can expect the same good vibes and amount of people that 1st Friday always brings.

Culture Fresh Boutique will soon be caring the 1st Brez Tshirt designs feat. a classic Brez Tree design for Men and Ladies T's, a wildstyle Heart Design for Ladies T's, and a new Phoenix Bird Design which will be apart of the Phoenician Brand also for Men and Ladies. Once they are released, I know they are going to go fast. No worries tho, we (Myself and Culture Fresh) will be printing more as well as NEW Designs to follow for the upcoming Az Summer.

More body art and photography w Sam Gomez and Models. Oddly enough...we've had at least a 7 or 8 models who are or were scheduled to work on the project...but for whatever reason...only Bonnie Yuen, Orchid Tao, and Mongkieu have come thru on time and on point, and they all just happen to be Asian. haha Oh well.
Be on the look out for more photoshoots and an gallery opening at the end of the year feat all the photography and artwork