Sunday, August 29, 2010

Santa Fe New Mexico August 2010

Ive just returned from a much needed trip with some really good people and fam. Headed to Santa Fe New Mexico with Douglas Miles/ Apache Skateboards and the "A" team, for the Santa Fe Indian Art Market and Skateplotation 2. Douglas Miles had also pulled together the group show "Indian Ink" featuring talented works by selected artists, all of equal caliber and quality.

Got a chance to finally meet my energy driven, talented and down to earth brothas, Yatika Fields(Stillwater OK/ Bklyn NY) and Micah "Werewulf" Wesley(Norman, OK). Yatika has the vision. An all around genuine soul brother, My man holds it down in Brooklyn NY, as well as representing the US in an upcoming live art battle in Spain in Octorber. Micah reminds me of my extended fam and cousins, I love this guy, he makes me miss my family in Oklahoma.

Also I was able to discuss aerosol techniques and just life in general with the talented Rebekah Miles. This young woman is and will be doing great things, so keep an eye out for her and her work. It was also good to see the sister Rose B Simpson, she is such a talent. Thanks for the mask Rose, I'll have it done proper the next time we see each other.

We were fortunate enough to have Georgia, Matt and Isabel Young open up their home and lives to us. I am thankful for the new friends and connections. As a matter of fact I cant wait to visit them again so I can sleep on the porch and enjoy the view.

This was my first experience at Santa Fe Indian Market. In all honesty I saw some great works, and at the same time I saw a lot of work that made no sense and was very boring which made me feel like I could piss and throw up on a wall and make better work. Then again, I know not everyone likes the work that I do either, and Im sure I received some negative reviews, but Im ok with that. I think one of the best quotes I heard over the weekend was from an elder artist from Oregon who said "My work is not for everyone, but I make no apologies...Its what I was given".

It was great to see a full blown skateboard comp in the middle of it all. It brought in a different element and energy that I could tell was needed all around. Things change and evolve. Society and the "spotlight circles" do not stay hot on their own forever. Society cannot deny the youth and those who are up and coming artists and move makers who speak loudly in their individual voice. I make this same connection with Graffiti and Street art. Its undeniable like a force of nature. These forms of expression, they are pouring out from a deep and honest place from within ones heart. Once a person realizes that they are being honest with themselves and being true to their being, then thats when nobody can take that away from them. It becomes apart of us. It becomes something all our own.

In the end, the extended weekend was filled with laughter, hard work, rain storms, cool weather, inspiration, creative minds, movie quotes, inside jokes, haters, huge breakfast sandwiches, red n green chile, great music, beautiful people, genuine people opening up their homes, and even a split lip. Every minute was a blessing.

Thanks to all who made this trip a great one. Douglas Miles, Doug Miles Jr., Bekah Miles, Grace Miles, Razelle Benally, Vanessa, Lynette Haozous, Yatika Fields, Werewulf Micah, Jasmin Rosales, Rose Simpson, Matt and Georgia Young, Metta Ravenheart, Safire Miller, Mike360, Carol Gentry, Waldermar Seranno, Kris Chee, Keith Secola, Doneva Tree, Cloudface, Joshua Rose and anyone else I may have forgotten.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"Indian Ink"

A write up on this Friday's opening in Santa Fe New Mexico.

"The Native American Art Movement has existed for centuries. The 21st Century movement has manifested the "by any means necessary" work of the following: Micah Werewulf Wesley, Yatika Starr Fields, Thomas "Brez" Marcus, Rose Simpson, Douglas Miles and introducing, Rebekah Miles. Each artist brings the sound, feel and look of a myriad of influences. All are well versed in styles based on (the) street art(s). Work in " Indian Ink " will focus primarily on black and white drawings and designs from these innovative artists. Strong designs, bold graphics, and a monchromatic mash- up of artistic movement dominate their work. In collaboration with famed master printer, Jose Malpuche at Self Help Graphics (East LA), these artists will create a portfolio of signed/numbered limited edition silkscreen works at Self Help Graphics which will become part of a legacy of art " for the people by the people" long championed by Chicano Art's very own resilient and legendary, Self Help Graphics. SHG is an art organization indigenous to the people of East Los Angeles. Not to mention, Self Help Graphics was ground zero for the Chicano Art Movement and explosion. This show will also feature the Volcom Stone Age x Apache Skateboards collaboration. A line of clothing and accessories inspired by the work of Apache Skateboards artist/creator, Douglas Miles in complete close collaboration with Volcom Stone Age. Original designs, ink drawings and Volcom Stone Age products will be featured."

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August 2010

New exhibit "Landmarks" opens at Pravus Gallery downtown Phoenix, Friday August 6th and will run through the end of September.

Also, be sure to check out all new work (black and white) and "Indian Ink", during the Santa Fe Indian Art Market. It is a group show featuring all black and white works by Doug Miles, Rebekah Miles, Yatika Fields, Werewulf Micah, Rose Simpson and myself.