Saturday, July 3, 2010

Carly's Bistro Roosevelt Row/Dwntwn Phx

Busy BUSY summer. Immediately back from a work roadtrip, I started this mural with Lalo Cota, and Pablo Luna down on 2nd Street and Roosevelt. The piece took about a week or so because we only worked on it in the evenings for a couple hours at a time. The main concept is Lalo's idea and style. The painting represents the Az flag in a surrealistic vision of a skeleton arm resembling a dead tree and holding the Sacred Heart with the Phoenix bird flaming out of the heart. Its also compliments a painting inside Carly's behind the bar(If you have been to Carly's then you know the painting). I personally enjoyed being apart of this mural, aside from all the controversy surrounding Arizona right now, it shows the love for the city that myself, Lalo and Pablo have...this is STILL our home. We have been through hell and back creating work in the streets and around the state over the last couple decades. SB1070 can eat a dick.