Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Billboard co-lab w Jetsonorama (Chip Thomas)

A recent collaborative piece w Jetsonorama(Chip Thomas). This piece is apart of the Rezolution show at The Hive on 16th st.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Rezolution came about kinda last minute...My friends Steve and Julia at The Hive on 16th st gave me use of the space for December earlier this year, but 2 months ago asked if I would be willing to show with Chip Thomas also known as Jetsonorama.
Chip is a Doctor up in Shonto, Az... a super down to earth dude, Ive been following his work for the last year or so. I was open to the idea, so that sort of steered me into the curating direction of bringing in 5 other talented Artists...Doug Miles, Tom Greyeyes, Dwayne Manuel, Anthony Thosh Collins, and Razelle Benally.

I wanted the theme to reflect what we've come to call "Rez Life". So I chose artists who are not only prolific but can relate to the context of Rez Life. Its also a play on finding Resolutions to the problems of everyday rez life as well as the stereotypes Native People still get portrayed as from outsiders.

Here is my write up on the show along with a pic of Chip's(Jetsonorama) work

7 Artists will converge upon The Hive art space in Phoenix, Arizona on December 16th 2011 for the group show titled Rezolution (Resolution).
Rezolution (spelled with a Z instead of an S), is a focus on 7 artists who have experienced Native American Reservation life first hand and know the historical as well as the daily modern struggles, triumphs, smiles and cries better than anyone else in the so called American Dream Land. A popular term amongst Native people refers to these communities and land areas simply as “The Rez”.
Douglas Miles is an Apache artist from the San Carlos Apache Nation although he has already been recognized internationally and nationally for the last decade and more, Miles has recently gained the attention of the southern California gallery and street style art scenes. Miles brings stark depictions of strength with his stencils and illustrations of contemporary Apache women and warriors, while incorporating elaborate hand written typography that is heavily influenced by inner city “Cholo” writing which has its origins in Los Angeles.
Chip Thomas, a doctor on the Dine(Navajo) Reservation for the last 24 yrs, has recently taken inspiration from international street artists like Blu, JR, Os Gemeos, Gaia, and others by starting his own series of giant wheat paste murals from images that he has photographed and documented since first moving to Shonto, Az in 1987. Although not Navajo himself, Chip has seen a lot of love and support from his community of Shonto Arizona, as well as heavy outside criticism.
In addition to Doug and Chip: Anthony “Thosh” Collins (Photographer), Razelle Benally (Film Maker), Dwayne Manuel (Painter), Tom Greyeyes (Painter) and local Phx muralist Breeze will be participating. All 7 artists know what it means to live on a “Rez”, and have taken their experiences of everyday life, cultural identities and harnessed them into positive creativity through contemporary Photography, Film, Brush Painting, Charcoal, Graffiti Art, Propaganda, Stencils, Wheat Paste, Spray Paint, and more.
In many ways, the tool known as Art is now a modern warrior’s weapon and resource in being a voice for the at times seemingly forgotten original inhabitants. Rezolution is a platform to exhibit various styles and educate the unaware and unknowing populations about contemporary Native life, art work and the missions to break stereotypes and presumptions of what mainstream society portrays and exploits the American Indian as.
The imagery in this show will be truthful, abstract, blunt, surrealistic and ironically foreign to many eyes looking in from the outside.

-Thomas Breeze Marcus

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"Moadak" Mural on Roosevelt

The Original Inhabitants of the valley are my people, The Akimel O'odham(River People), and we are descendants of the HuHuGam(HoHoKam) who also lived in the valley thousands of years before any other culture/civilization. This mural is a tribute to our mountain we call Moadak(Greasy Mtn), which is known as South Mountain to the none O'odham people of the valley.

Moadak or "Greasy Mtn" as its known in our O'odham Niok, is traditionally a sacred mountain in our HimDak (way of life). The story of I'toi or the elder brother, who is the Man inside the Maze, watches over us and in the Akimel O'odham belief, his home is on top of Moadak. The Man in the Maze symbol represents the circle of life, and the decisions we make as we journey through it.

Moadak for the HuHuGam ancestors held secrets and mysterious power, You can find evidence of this by the art the ancestors left behind on the rocks.
Today, South Mtn is a natural preserve and park, along with it still holding importance to us, the Akimel O'odham of Salt River and Gila River.
It is also in the middle of a battle between ADOT, Gila River, and traditionalists from surrounding O'odham communities, because there is a proposal to build a freeway that would go through parts of Gila River and the mountain, but attempts to stop construction and throw out the proposal are underway. The last thing we need is another sacred mountain to Indigenous peoples and land taken away.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

505 NM Labor Day 2011

Labor Day weekend I made the drive out to Albuquerque New Mexico for "BOMB THE CANVAS 4", a well respected and highly publicized event in Albuquerque. I was fortunate enough to be able to showcase a couple new vinyl pieces from a new series Im working on. Thanks to SUG RTD.

I can't find my photos from the friday evening canvas event. However, the entire holiday weekend was full of non stop wall action throughout the city of "Burque". The ACME wall on Saturday was full with about 50 graffiti artists/writers from around the country including: SUG(ABQ), PERISH(S.FE), KAPER(PHX), KING 157(CA), WANE COD(NYC), CAVS(NYC), PATH(ABQ), BANX(ABQ), TAZER(CO), SLOKE(TX), PERSK(ABQ), DISKO(ABQ), CLOSER(PHX), and SHOCK(S.FE) just to name a few.

A few back and forth trips up to Santa Fe, I was able to paint the other side of this cool little traveling camper that I actually painted one side of last summer during the Santa Fe Market. "Tortuga" as its owner Metta Ravenheart calls it, is hitting the road throughout the western states. Keep an eye out.

This year's trip and painted sides.

The 1st side I painted last year. Look in the archives from last August.

This photo was taken near Laguna Pueblo on the way home. Nothing like NM rains.

Great weather, food, people and good times all around. Looking forward to another 505 trip in the immediate future.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Barrio Cafe/ Calle 16

A new co-lab on 16th st for me n Lalo Cota.
This time the new piece is in the parking lot of Barrio Cafe-2814 North 16th Street
Phoenix, AZ.
The existing murals behind and around Barrio Cafe are apart of the Calle 16 mural project and painted by other local Phoenician Muralists such as El Moises, Dose, Hugo Medina, Genaro Garcia, Enuf and others.
Lalo was working on two separate murals, one right behind the other, when I came in to work on his large female character with day of the dead themed face paint.

after two nights of work and with the last night working till almost 5am.

A peak at Lalo Cota's other mural in front of the new collaborative.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Print by Self Help Graphics

Self Help Graphics is a nationally recognized community arts center with more than 40years of history in East LA.
They have been doing print making, art workshops and many other community based projects since 1970.
I was fortunate enough to fly out to LA recently and have a new print made by SHG's lead printer Joe Alpuche.
SHG has done print work for many artists including El Mac, Shepard Fairey, Mear One, Vyal, Defer K2STN, and Douglas Miles X Apache Skateboards just to name a few.

Special thank you everyone at Self Help Graphics

Edition of 88
Signed and numbered
For more information email: breezephx@gmail.com

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Book:Phoenix Canvas

There are many people in the valley who have an appreciation for public art. Im finding out lately that there are quite a few people who genuinely like and appreciate graffiti on the streets as well. There seems to be a fascination and even an obsession with documenting new and current works including graffiti art, community mural art, etc. and not just by the artists themselves or local authorities(in illegal graffiti cases).

Local gallery owner Weston Henry, recently opened up a funky boutique style gallery just off of roosevelt row called Cade Gallery.
Weston is also a photographer, and as he puts it, "A trip back from Albuquerque motivated me to start shooting" and now Weston has documented and published portions of Phoenix's local public wall art, mural and graffiti movements in this new book titled "Phoenix Canvas".

(Left-Lalo and Myself/ Right-El Mac and Kofie)

It features some of the most recognizable local works of outdoor art, painted by some of Phoenix's finest Artists, Muralists and Graffiti Writers such as El Mac, Sinek, Pablo Luna, El Moises, Dose, Rank, Kel along with crews TAF, CON,EMT and more . It even shows the progression of Lalo and I's mural behind Jobot(formerly HoodRide) and the Lost Leaf, where at some point some dickless fuck wrote over a small part of the mural, which Lalo fixed later by changing the Jesus face to Arizona's most notorious village idiots, Jan Brewer and Joe Arpaio.

Big thanks to Weston for publishing the 5th street alley mural. If you notice in the background of Lalo's cover piece, you can see of small piece of the Skate Bowl at Desert West Skate Park before we painted the entire bowl back in April.

Installation July 2011

A new installation added inside the downstairs of Barsmith in downtown Phoenix.

Im pretty happy with the way it came out. I think it would make for a good backdrop for a body art photo shoot.
Any takers?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

=Hoodride X Breeze X Lalo X Pacifico=

A quick little piece at HoodRide Bike Shop in Central Phx. Sponsored by Pacifico Beer and Creature Ad Agency. These are pics from a small private BBQ we had with the sponsors and a few close downtown friends. Lalo and I did this piece live during the BBQ after sunset. Good times, especially on a Monday night.
Ill post more details about the project later, after Pacifico and Creature's road trip ends in Seattle at the end of the month.

THANKS Derrick and Cindy @ Hoodride, and to Pacifico and Creature Ad Agency.