Thursday, May 8, 2014

Miami Art Basel

Greetings, 8 months have passed and obviously the longest I have gone without posting. Needless to say but lots has gone on since the end of 2013 and almost the first half of 2014. Instead of covering everything Ill only cover a couple things from the last few months with these next couple of posts.

At the beginning of December 2013 I experienced my first trip to Miami and the week long of intense ...uh art, low brow, high brow, everything in between and masses upon masses amounts of Murals, graffiti, street art etc.

Let me say this first, if you've never been to Miami during Art Basel and have only heard stories and or seen photos and doesnt prepare you physically and mentally. The experience is a roller coaster of extreme highs and lows and all around wacked out levels of balance and imbalance. Dont let the lows I speak of discourage you. It is a true over stimulating storm of fucking madness. Before I went...I spoke with a couple different artists who have participated in mural painting in past years. I heard good things, great things, and depressing things. In the end, I really cannot pin point an accurate description about the entire overall experience. You really need to just go yourself and dunk your head deep into it.

I met with friend and fellow muralist and fine artist Yatika Fields and we collaborated on one wall along with Ben Angotti out of Brooklyn. I forget how long it took us on this wall but it definitely was a nice challenge. Yatika is super talented abstract painter and Ben is an awesome portrait artist.

abandoned houses and front doors got love to.

A night time shot of a section at the edge of the Wynwood district. People painting into the night and myself and few others painting a semi truck trailer project for Dynamic Events out of Denver. Thanks Goonie for that one.

Montana Paint

Kobra Paint

Our finished product and collaboration. Myself, Yatika, Ben.

Finished section of the Dynamic Events project. Now rolling back and forth across country setting up different events.

Next to the homie CZR from Chicago

At the end of..12 or 14 days(I cant remember) My trip came to an end. I am not posting the rest of the photos I took of all the other craziness because its enough to fill up an entire album. I am thankful for having cousins that live just north of Miami, it made my stay a lot easier as I hear its next to impossible to get a room, and if you can get a room its triple in price. Now did I have any freak out moments? No. Was I left constantly saying "Wow...what...the..fuuuuck?" Uh..yeah and thats probably an understatement. In the end Miami itself is an awesome city filled with both grime and of course the infamous south beach playground for tourists, people w money etc...if your into that sort of thing. The Wynwood arts district, the graffiti, the murals, the massive pop up art shows and galleries your an artist of some graffiti or 'street art' of any kind...get in line and get your ass out there to see what your own experience starts and ends like. The moment I returned back to Phoenix, and since...I have been constantly daydreaming and waiting for December of this year to roll around. I want another fix of endorphin overload. So bring that shit on.