Monday, December 21, 2009

Closing out and bringing in the new year.

Its official. Its the winter solstice today and a new year has begun. Closing out 2009, my friend Lalo Cota and I painted this mural downtown in the Roosevelt arts district. Lalo and I have collaborated on many canvas pieces but this is the first of many wall projects that him and I have done. This piece is located behind Modified Art, theLost Leaf and Hoodride off of Roosevelt between 4th and 5th St.

Im gearing up for a 3 day in studio session at the Heard Museum next week.
Should be interesting. I grew up seeing my grandmother and uncle working alot with the Heard. Im suprised they asked me to be apart of next weeks open studio event.
If you know me and my work, then you know my work obviously doesnt fit the "traditional" standards by any stretch. Many thanks to Darian and Jen at the Heard.
Ive been turned down by many "NATIVE" art events as well as tribal and corporate politics on the rez. In the end I dont care what "those" people sitting behind a desk think. The best compliment I got this year was from an elder in SR who has known me for a long time but not my artwork. He saw me painting this 4'x8' wildstyle line piece and then said..."Looks like baskets".
Now what really matters. The people....Hemdak Hekihu Hemu Im B I-ha'ap Hemako O'odham

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