Tuesday, March 9, 2010


This month Tyson Powless of Un3ek Sy5tems and I have worked together to create this new image of Geronimo holding an Ak-47, with a sunburst halo around Geronimo and the assault rifle. The title of the image is "Sacred Soldiers". It symbolizes the intensity that so many people poses deep down in their soul and bones. It also is a tribute to those who have gone on, who at one point in their lives, were fighting for their land and people. As Indigenous peoples(all over the world), we are all proud of where we come from, and at the same time we still defend and fight for our people, and cultural identity, and right to exist in so many forms. -"Our Existence is our Resistance"

Silk screen prints. Hand printed black ink on white Stonehenge archival paper. 22" x 30".
Series of 24. Each one is signed and numbered by both artists. $60 each unframed.
***For additional pricing info on framing and out of state shipping please email housebroken285@yahoo.com***

A limited number of black ink on white T's are available also. $20 each. $5 for shipping and handling

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