Monday, January 17, 2011

5 & 6 Gallery/ New Partnership

-Starting February 2011, myself along with Lalo Cota, will be the new additions to the 5 & 6 partnership.

Scottsdale has been long over due for the next generation in art galleries. With less than interesting exhibits and or the same repetitive work, many galleries at times (not just in Scottsdale, but everywhere, in all genres of art)have the tendency to become stagnate and boring.

Thankfully the art world shifts its focus quite a bit, and is always looking and making room for the newest and freshest work. But like all things new, it just takes time to sink in, and for the rest of society to catch on if it ever does. A lot of newer(and not limited to) Pop Culture infused surrealism, abstract graffiti, propaganda inspired street art, are just some of the latest styles of work that have been ascending over visual and sociological boundaries, which is the point in creating art anyway right? Well I can say that for most Graffiti at least.

Last spring in old town Scottsdale, a couple new galleries emerged on Marshall Way, across the street from the Bentley Gallery. Squeeze Gallery and 5 & 6.
Some local artists got together to form a collective which would lay the ground work for what is now 5 & 6 Gallery.
Over the last 10months or so, 5 & 6 has gone through a few changes but has persevered and maintained its integrity in presenting quality fine art in a professional manner.

Artists and original gallery partners Joshua Rhodes, Dan Diaz, and Jason Rudolph Pena have done an awesome job to say the least. I was fortunate to participate in two group exhibitions since the summer.
Their dedication has certainly paid off. I am honored to work with other individuals who are equally focused and serious about art.
Art for some is a hobby. For us, its our lively hood... And their is no room and no such thing as failure.

You can be sure that 5&6 has 2011 ready to go and is a few moves ahead on the chessboard.

So now with the new year and latest merge...
5&6 Gallery Joshua Rhodes, Dan Diaz, Lalo Cota, Thomas Breeze Marcus, Jason Rudolph Pena, Adam Dumper.

5 & 6 Gallery presents its first 2011 group exhibit with 17 artists to give you a heart on.

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