Thursday, September 27, 2012

Lac Du Flambeau/ Ojibwe (Midwest III)

A visit to Lac Du Flambeau "lake of the flames" Ojibwe band near Lake Superior. I was fortunate enough to participate in doing a youth workshop with this community. I hope the pictures speak for themselves. This was a great experience working with the people and youth of this northern woodland tribe in northern Wisconsin. In the end the youth schooled me on who they are, and as a collective we created a mural that speaks to who these people are and the legacy they carry on. This community project is one of my favorites to date. Thank you to everyone involved, and for having me.
Jazmine after our walk through her community...she gathered a feather and other natural materials.

A boarding school dorm

"Gi Waabanda Min (What we collectively see)
Traditional birch bark artwork and floral patterns

Down the lake

Ojibwe floral pattern beadwork

The primer

This community is named after an event in which French traders witnessed Ojibwe fisherman spearing fishing at night from their canoes on the lake...with torches guiding them.

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