Friday, October 12, 2012

ASU West Campus Mural

Been a busy month or so...trying to keep up on here. This was a recent project that myself and fellow Calle 16 artist Hugo Medina worked on together along with student volunteers on the ASU West campus.
The actual canvas image size after being stretched is 11ft x 20ft.

Hugo at work

view from above

Last months project in Lac Du Flambeau inspired me enough to want to repeat the flower patterns as in the LDF mural. Hugo did all the portraits as well as Flamenco dancers and Guitar players. I brought in the Arizona sunset with the help of a film student who was eager to try aerosol. The turquoise Mayan hieroglyphics I felt would be fitting in the corners.
End result...a mural of diversity, inspiration and hope. Piece completed and hanging without the large stretcher bars.

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