Monday, January 7, 2013


Update: About time I got back on this. Been slacking on the blog. Work however has been productive. Always something new to study, envision, compile and extract from the chaos of the brain.

Last month my friend Hugo Medina organized a mural panel painting event during Phoenix's 1st annual Phoenix Festival of the arts. There were an estimated 80 artists and 160 4ft x 8ft panels. The pic above is a piece of what I contributed. Good event, good vibes.

A quick shot of a piece on a garage door(that was saved). New Mexico Snow 2012.

A preview of a piece that was completed Jan 1st 2013

Undisclosed located(for now). To the right of this piece(not pictured) is a beautiful airbrushed mural by Angel Diaz. To the left(not pictured) will be a piece by Lalo Cota. I'll try to follow up with an update once Lalo and a 4th artist has started and completed another mural.

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