Tuesday, April 12, 2011

In between

Quick Flicks and update.
Here are some photos of recent markings Ive left behind.

First off, a couple weeks ago Bboy Remind of Style Elements Crew along with Closer, put together an all style all creative event which took place at Just Blaze.

Inside J.Blaze/ Installation with painting and boombox.

A fun night in Tempe behind Wet Paint and Cartel. This was apart of the show Sticker Phiends. Vehicle was painted by several artists. Good Times.

And finally, a follow up on the Pravus Gallery indoor mural from the show Indian Ink II last month. Finished product and will be up through the summer. Breeze, Lalo Cota and Doug Miles.

Ok. Cutting it short. Be back with =Desert West Skate Park=

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